Monday, June 21, 2010

The less serious stuff.

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So, I had a chance last week to spend some time with a friend I haven't seen in a while. We chilled around town, watched some Doctor Who (best show evah), and did a little hiking. While we were hanging out I also got a chance to do some photography, which was very nice.

Here's a rule of thumb: If you're going to be photographing outside, the best time to do it is when the shadows are longer than you are--i.e. sunrise and sunset. These are the times when you have the most interesting light, and understanding how to use light is crucial to making quality photographs.

Well, I need to start packing. I'm leaving tonight to go help a boy scout troop with their summer scout camp. Being a leader will be pretty easy: I'll make sure they get up on time, make sure they go to bed on time, make sure they don't kill each other, and make sure they get to their classes after breakfast every day. Once they're all off at classes, I'll just be chillin' in camp with a good book, taking plenty of naps, and taking walks through the woods. I'm looking forward to it. I'll be back in a few days, so I'll give a quick report then.

Take it easy everybody!

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Current Events Rambles

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I've been reading up on the BP oil spill in the gulf. According to FOXNews, BP is hoping that by late June they'll be capturing about 90% of the oil flow and keeping it from entering the ocean. The relief wells are expected to be finished in August. Fingers crossed. I hope the situation is resolved quickly.

Politics have been another matter of concern lately. Pres. Obama continues to irk me to say the least. He's frequently insulting our allies, Britain in particular. The BP oil spill has truly been a tragic event, but Obama seems to be using it as an excuse to attack a major British company. Though Pres. Obama, of course, denies this. On top of that, there is the recent issue of Representative Joe Wilson shouting "You lie" at Pres. Obama during a speech concerning the healthcare bill. According to the New York Times, the republican and democratic parties seem to agree that the outburst was inappropriate. I feel the same way. But what bothers me is that even though Joe Wilson formally apologized, he is now the target of many efforts trying to undermine his personal character and the republican party as a whole. In my personal opinion, this is drawing dangerously close to "silencing those who speak out against the government". Sigh, perhaps I should stop my rant here, just in case "Big Brother" is listening. But I'd just like to say that this disgusting tripe that we call Politics is NOT good government. Politics is all about personal gain, and I feel that this is a major underlying motivator in the Obama administration. They are not interested in the American public our or allies. They are interested in getting more power; in making our nation ever more socialistic. It worries me greatly. Government should be FOR the people.

Anyway, gonna post some less serious stuff in a few minutes. Right now, I'm gonna go whip up some dinner. Mac & chees, pork tenderloin, mixed vegetables. Mmm.

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Matt!

Heyya guys!

Sorry for the long break between posts once again, but I'm back! I hope you've enjoyed the music while I've been gone. I've added a little here and there. As always, the best taste in music is an ecclectic one.

So, brief update, the semester went immensely well in the end, despite some periods of doubt in certain classes. *cough* CHEMISTRY *cough, cough* But like I said things went very well, and I'm quite satisfied. Now it's just a matter of finding a job for the summer (a venture which I have in particular been pursuing today, but to no avail as of yet). In the meantime, I have applied to be a volunteer at the humane society, which I look forward to. I thought it would be cool to do something like that on the side so that I can start taking steps as an Environmental Conservative. I'd like to prove to people that such a thing exists.

Ah! I have also started playing piano again. I took lessons for eight years when I was younger and did quite well, but I haven't really played since starting college. So far I've been enjoying picking it back up. I need to start practicing guitar again as well. I really do want to start a band....We'd be so cool.....

I'm interested in starting to blog in earnest, and I'm curious about new things to talk about, so if you have any ideas, send 'em my way. And as always, the guy in the hat is happy to answer questions about life, the universe, and everything, so if you have any, ask away!

Anyway, later!

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brain Pain

It's the last week of classes. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've just been pretty distracted. I'm currently working on my final chemistry lab report and my final photography project, tomorrow I'll start working on my final chemistry homework set, tomorrow night I have a french exam, then friday through sunday I'll be studying for a chemistry exam on monday morning......Busy busy. Right now I'm trying to let my mind rest for a few minutes, because stressing out has only succeeded in giving me a headache.

I did have a really cool experience today though. I was walking through a park with my camera trying to get some shots when I saw a little family setting up a picnic. I walked over, told them I was doing a photography project about people in relationships and asked if I could take a few photos. They said that would be great, and so I snapped a few shots while they finished setting up their picnic. We talked a little afterward and they were just...really really nice people. It was very refreshing and heartwarming, because it was easy to tell that this family really loved each other. It was very cool. And the mother even gave me a rice ball (she was japanese)! It had fish flavoring and seasoning inside. It was immensely good. So, that whole experience definitely brightened my day significantly.

Oh, some other good news, I gave my last speech yesterday and I got a 100!! That was quite exciting. I'm not quite as worried about that class now. The really big things now are my chemistry and my photography. I know I should worry more about chem since I'm a science major, but....I want to do well in photography too. I've really enjoyed that class, and I kinda want to prove that I can be an artist too, ya know?

I still really want to show you guys my photography work, but I haven't added a watermark yet. It's not that I don't trust you guys, I just want my work to stay mine. I'm actually considering trying to sell one or two as prints, so that's another reason.

Anyway, the band of today is U2, so go listen to some!

Take it easy!
--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back. Mission complete. Although, the ring-and-run thing didn't work....It ended up more of a ring-and-talk. I wasn't sure if she was there, so I thought I should call....Apple cider spoils if its left in the sun okay? And what kind of gift is spoiled apple cider huh??? "Happy birthday, I decided to give you this questionable liquid that will probably give you a stomach ulcer. Enjoy!" Sigh. I'm remarkably silly. Hopefully people realize that I have good intentions. :)

Anyway, take it easy!

--Matt (the guy in the hat)


So maybe ring and run gift-giving isn't the best idea with perishable foods on a very hot day....No one came to the door, so I snuck back and got it so I could drive home and put it in the fridge. I'll try again later today. Sigh... :)

Oh, btw, I've discovered a new equation:

pollen + white car = ewww.....

Now every time I look at my little suv it makes me need to pee, haha. That's what you get for living in the southeast, I guess. Yeah, I really need to wash it. But in my defense, the apartment building does not have a hose, so car-washing potential is severely impaired. But pollen is horrible. My airways are closing off as we speak. Why couldn't I just be allergic to zucchini or something?

Anyway, I'm pretty super excited about several things. A.) I totally made a 100% on my last chem test, and B) My sister and brother-in-law are coming to visit, and their bringing my nephew!!! He's four months old now, and I can't wait to meet the little guy. It's sounds like he's got some attitude, so I've got a feeling we'll get along just fine. Uncle Matt. Sounds good. Or, Uncle Hat-Matt. (Hey! HazMat! Hahaha) The Matt in the Hat. Uncle person. Any of those would be pretty cool. Maybe not that last one so much though....But I definitely think I should start calling myself HazMat.

Still, I'm definitely going to avoid my baby nephew when his Hazardous Materials are involved. No thanks. I love ya sis, but that's not happening.

Alright so, I think Imma go try again. I shall log back on soon to report my findings. Fingers crossed. HazMat out!

--Haz-Matt (the guy in the hat)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hey everyone!

The weather is so amazing right now. I can't believe its only the first of April and it's 86 degrees outside.

Anyway, it's been another crazy week. I had a chemistry test on Wednesday that I hope went well. Then I had to write a persuasive speech; the topic I chose was that the government should stop supporting ethanol production and instead start subsidizing solar energy research and development. I'm not quite done with it yet. It needs to be a couple minutes longer....

But it's still been a really good week. I felt like I've accomplished a lot, and I've had a little (a little) time to relax. Tonight I'm actually going to a percussion ensemble concert on campus with a friend! I'm pretty excited. I think it's gonna be great. I haven't thought of what we should do for dinner yet though....hmmm....I'd like it to be something cool......

So yeah, anyway, life is good! :)

Gah! I just remembered. I told you guys that I would put some of my photos up. Alright, I'll try to do that, I just need to go to campus so I can convert them to the right format.

Okay, take it easy, everybody! Have fun, spend time with friends, eat good food, and most importantly, wear a hat!

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey everybody!

The weather has been amazing so far this week! I really want to go hiking again!

I wanted to share a few awesome pieces of news with you all. I've started working on the surrealism project that I mentioned before, and yesterday afternoon I put something together that I really liked, so I figured I'd see if I could show it to the prof and get his opinion. Well, I found his office, and it wasn't office hours but he had a few minutes so he said he'd be happy to see what I had. And he really really liked it!!! It was probably one of the first times that he's said he liked my work that I've felt he really meant! The critique is in a few hours, so I'm pretty excited.

My other piece of awesome news is....(drumroll please)....the CD player in my car worked yesterday!! That ONLY happens on super awesome days. But that's not all, when I was driving to class this morning IT WORKED AGAIN!!!! I have high hopes that despite the many projects and exams I'm preparing for, this is going to be a great week. Since the CD player was working, I was finally able to listen to one of my favorite driving CDs, and it inspired me to share it with you guys. Check out the new "Chicane" playlist at the bottom of the page. 'Come Tomorrow' is my favorite.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm gonna try to post some of my photos soon. Peace!

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Well, spring break is now over. It was sure nice while it lasted. It'll probably be my last spring break ever, actually, because I'm planning on transfering back to Brigham Young University to graduate, and they don't have spring break there. Not sure why....It's nice that the school year can start a little later and end a little sooner, spring break?? Sigh....

Last week I got to put a new roof on the workshop and tool shed at my family's house. It was not really an experience I wish to repeat any time this decade. For two days I started at 10:00am and finished at 8:00pm because at that point it was impossible to see the nails anymore. For most of the first day I had my brother to help me, which was nice, but then he left on a trip the next morning, so a large part of the project was done solo. On the second morning I smashed my left thumb with the hammer and it tore up a pretty good chunk. I got my glove kinda bloody, so now if future generations wish to clone me, they need only find that glove. I also hit my left pointer finger a couple times. Not fun. Got a nasty blood blister under the nail. Luckily its pretty much gone now. I think I also had something weird happen to my knuckles on my right hand because one of them is still shaped rather oddly....So yeah, all in all a good experience though. I'm glad we got it done.

Before roofing the shed I actually had to rip off the old roof. It was pretty fun, I must admit. I just kinda grabbed a crowbar and went wild. :)

Yesterday I got a chance to go hiking, which was a lot of fun. Hiking is definitely a very important part of life. I was talking with my friend about how much really interesting and beautiful life you can notice if you're just observant, and how its unfortunate when people don't pay attention to the life around them and just talk a walk. It just doesn't mean as much.

My friend found a rock that we thought might be a geode (a spherical hollow rock with crystals on the inside) so we took it to my apartment, I pulled out my trusty Craftsman hammer, and we smashed that thing 'til it finally broke. It took a really long time, and I'm afraid the sidewalk in front of my apartment is a little scarred now. Don't tell my landlord, hahaha. Turns wasn't a geode. But it was still really fun. :)

I haven't starting working on my photography project yet. I dunno. I need to get started, but I haven't gotten the chance, and I'm not really sure what to do yet. Gah....I'll definitely let you guys know though. If you have any ideas though, I'd love to hear 'em! Thanks for the comments last time.

Anyway, I'm very tired, and to be's been a really weird night. I'm kinda confused about some stuff. I need to stop thinking for a while.

Good night, everybody!
--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I just realized that I haven't posted in several weeks! I've been busy with different stuff, sorry guys. But for the next few days, I've got plenty of time! Spring break! Oh yeah!

Alas, spring break this year will not include any awesome trips to europe or anything like that. But to be honest, I'm pretty happy with the way it is. I went home over the weekend, which was nice. It's always good to spend time with the family.

I even got to help paint the family room, haha. And I was able to talk my mom out of painting another room beige. She has very good taste, but she seems to be on a beige kick at the moment. The outside of the house is beige. One of the bedrooms is beige. A bathroom is beige. The family room is now beige. The kitchen is beige. And she's planning on painting another bedroom yellow, which isn't that far. It's not nearly as bad as it sounds; the house does look good. But you can definitely have too much beige. I talked her into painting the office a pale sagey green instead. What can I say, I'm a color genius. Haha, jk. :) But it's definitely a dream of mine to build a house once I've started a family. I'd also like to have horses. And I'm going to build my kids a castle: basically just a little tower with two floors and a small attic with a trap door, but I figure I can put a decorative hedge around it with a little moat filled with koi. Yeah, I'm gonna be an awesome dad. :)

I'm getting ready to start working on my next project for photography. We're supposed to produce something surreal. The prof said to make something that is "a departure from reality". I was drawing a blank for quite a while, but now I think it would be interesting to do something about emotions. And in particular--I know, I know, this is gonna sound really lame--love. I dunno...I want my art to be clean and pure, you know? I hate how so many people act like art has to be unorthodox or innappropriate or even disturbing. I think art can and should be something that makes you feel clean: something that leaves you feeling like there is a greater meaning to life. And with this mindset, I realized that there is nothing more clean, pure, and meaningful than real love. Not mere physical attraction, lust, or passing interest. Not a brief immature crush or hormone-driven obsession. But real, simple, pure love.

Anyway, my brother and I were talking today about a very interesting concept: photosynthesis as a means of generating electricity. He found a recent study that successfully generated electricity from a cactus. Just think, what if we could start using trees to generate power? They would clean the air of greenhouse gases without putting any more in. Isn't that just an awesome idea!?!? Some of you might not be into the environment at all, but still, you can't deny that the idea of using the world's forests to generate completely clean energy would be amazing.

Well, gotta run! Gonna go hang out with a friend o' mine. Catch ya later!

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

P.S. I'm going to try to visit a hat shop soon.......

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let it be known...

Let it be known that pizza, watching movies with friends, exploring creepy buildings with friends, photography, hats, trench coats, and my subaru forester are among the coolest things ever.

I'm so happy that its the weekend. But you know, the only problem with sleeping in until noon on Saturday is that by the time you wake up, there isn't much of the weekend left. I's two thirty in the afternoon and I still feel like its mid-morning. Still, I think this is going to be a good day. All I have to do homework-wise is a few chemistry problems. The prof gave the problems to us for extra credit since the average exam scores were a little low. So I'm definitely gonna do them, cause I might be able to get an A on a chem exam for the first time in my life!!!!! That would be extremely exciting.

Oh, and I'm also looking for new old buildings to explore. I'm gonna start asking around. I've found a few mills here and there, but I don't want to go anywhere I might bother someone or get arrested too readily. What frustrates me is people always assume you're there to vandalize or sell drugs or alcohol or something. I'm just like "Whats wrong with just being here to explore and take pictures??!! We'll be careful!! I've never even touched drugs or alcohol for goodness sake!!!"

Anyway, I'm off! See ya guys!
--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Matt Update

The speech went splendidly!! I'm glad too, because I rehearsed it over and over the night before until I was hoarse and could hardly talk. But I successfully memorized my seven minute informative speech! The topic I chose was "Music: The Language of Thought". Thank goodness I can relax at least a little bit now.

The Chemistry exam and homework assignment from last week also turned out alright, though I have more homework for this weekend. I don't no about this weeks chem exam or yesterdays french exam yet though.

The photo project that was due today pretty much bombed. It was the final critique, and it felt like mine received an extra large helping of critique. The prof really piled it on, and just tore into it. And then everyone else felt like since he'd been so harsh, they were justified in being really critically too. So yeah, no fun. But, life goes on. I've made addition changes to my project, so...fingers crossed.

I really wish tomorrow wasn't thursday. Thursdays aren't so cool. Classes until 8pm. The worst part is chem lab, bleh. I've already told you about that. But tomorrow will hopefully be a little better, because I'm going to a student game night thing, and then afterwards I think I'm gonna go explore super creepy old buildings with some friends. I'm excited. I love exploring! Caves, creepy buildings, forests, name it.

Okay! It's almost one in the morning, so I'm gonna sign off for today. 'Night all!

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Speech, and more Chemistry

So the Chemistry exam on Wednesday went fairly well, I think. The week's still been pretty busy though, and next week is gonna be about the same. I've got another Chem exam, a French exam, a photography project due, and a seven minute speech to write and memorize. I worked on my speech today. The topic I chose was music and it's affects/connections with the mind. Right now the speech is titled "Music, the Language of Thought." Hopefully it goes well!

Chemistry lab is kind of a joke. Our instructor isn't even a doctor, and I'm not sure she knows how to do a lot of the stuff. I feel really bad for saying that though....I don't wanna be mean. You know how some people are just really really great nice people, they're just really crappy at what they do? I used to get my hair cut from a lady like that. She was really cool, fun to talk to, but she just could not cut hair. Anyway, I turned in a big lab report on thursday, and I hope I get a good grade because she gave everyone in the class an F by default on the first lab report so that "We would be motivated on the next one." Sigh.....I promise she really is a nice person. Just....a crappy teacher.

So I got a chance to play a little bit of Twilight Princess last night with a friend. I'm a big Legend of Zelda fan. I also got to pretend to be homeless. It was pretty amazing. And I got to start reading The Zombie Survival Guide. Coolest. Book. Ever. Do YOU have your zombie plan?? Oh, and I had sushi, hot cocoa, and a Lindor chocolate ball. It was pretty much awesome. Or emosewa! as my friend says. (awesome backwards. I thought she was speaking a different language when she first said it, haha.) :)

Alright everybody, have an emosewa day!

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey everybody!

It's super late, so this is gonna be a short post.

I hope you noticed that I've added a couple more playlists. The blog now has some Classic Rock, and some Classical. With that and all the indi rock, electronic, dance, and everything else, I've got a wonderfully eclectic collection of music on my blog. Enjoy.

I have noticed that the playlists from don't always work the first time. I usually have to refresh the page once or twice to get them to work. Also, remember that you need the latest flash player for the playlists to work properly.

Anyway, I have been studying like crazy for chemistry, and I have my exam in nine hours. My brain hurts soo much right now. I've been memorizing amino acids and dissociation constants all weekend. Wish me luck guys. I need it.

On a happier note, I got my first photography assignment back (finally), and I totally got an A-. I was quite pleased, because our Prof is supposed to be one of the tougher/more frustrating ones in the department.

Anyway, it's way past my bedtime. Wish me luck on the Chemistry exam! Fingers crossed!

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

Take some time to enjoy life and the things you love most!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

...Are titles really important?

Oh! Sorry, Anonymous. I forgot to answer your question about Walter Bishop from Fringe. I just want to say that Fringe is a wicked awesome (albeit creepy and at times slightly disturbing) show. And Walter Bishop is basically the coolest mad scientist ever. 'Nough said.

So...I officially dislike Chemistry lab. I used to enjoy thursdays....Sigh....

Anyway, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd post a question that a very good friend (my honorary sister, in fact) asked me a while ago.

She asked: "What is the best, non-creepy way to ask a guy for his phone number?"

My immediate reply was: "Hey! What's your phone number?"

In my opinion, complicated ways of asking someone for a phone number, or even asking someone out on a date just make the whole situation more, well, complicated. I think I can safely say that guys are in general pretty simple. So just ask a simple question! I think a person will feel more comfortable with you if you're comfortable enough with them to ask a direct question. So just be yourself and just ask!

Alright well, that's it for tonight! Take it easy, everybody, and have a great weekend!

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bleh. It's really cold today. And I'm tired....

So Anonymous, what do I think is the difference between a good story and a good book? Well, let me tell you, the differences are great and they are many.

How many times have you looked at the summary on the back of a book and thought it sounded really cool, and then read the first chapter (or maybe not even the whole thing) and been left with a bland or even dusty taste in your mouth? Well I think that's happened to me once before, but I think it was because the tortilla chips I'd been eating were REALLY old....No really. You're interest in the book is largely determined by how much the first chapter--the first few paragraphs even--grab your attention. Just as in public speaking, the introduction is everything!

I mentioned that the Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite stories of all time, but I also said that it wasn't the best book. Why? Because the writing style was meandering and rather dull. Let me give another example: The Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini. Though in reading critically I have definitely felt that Paolini's story was heavily influenced by many other great stories (like LOTR, Star Wars, and several others), I think he did succeed in creating an interesting and engaging story, and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. However, Paolini's writing style leaves much to be desired. It is very thick, so to speak. From prologue to epilogue I find myself wading through a quagmire of adjectives, adverbs, and SAT words seemingly plucked from a vocab book. Paolini's series has been extremely successful, but not because of his skill as a writer, but because of his skill as a storyweaver.

On the other hand, you can have a great book with.....a pretty sorry story. Quite a few times I have really gotten into a book (I'm a pretty analytical reader, and I look for and really appreciate good writing quality), only to find myself a few chapters in and still not really noticing a very well-defined plot. One of the biggest examples of this for me was Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy. I really like Clancy's writing style. It's engaging and exciting, and it conveys the sense of urgency that is so crucial for a successful novel. But you can only hold the suspense for so long. Eventually, you have to move the story forward. After a while, Clear and Present Danger was frustrating and confusing, because even though the central issue was revealed pretty early on, the majority of the book was introducing this or that character and explaining this or that espionage procedure. Nothing really happened--the operatives didn't even reach Colombia--until you were almost halfway through the book!

In order to create a really worthwhile piece of fiction, you must have a well-crafted writing style: one that keeps focus on the story and allows the reader to get in on the creative process, and a great story that will spark the reader's imagination and make him wish he could be a part of the story and that it would keep going forever. Such a work of literature is a rare and precious gem.


If any of you have read any really great books, feel free to share!

I hope all of you are doing very well, and as always, feel free to ask a question or share your opinion on something. Thanks everybody!

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Friday, February 5, 2010


Now that I have a good bit of free time, I'm going to try to start answering some of Mallen's questions.

What is my favorite/the best fantasy novel ever written. I would have to say The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Now, I love this trilogy, in fact we used to read it as a family every year, but it isn't my favorite to read personally. So maybe it isn't so much the best book as it is the best story (yes, there's a huge difference, but we can save that for a different post). The thing is, the fantasy genre as we know it today didn't really exist until Tolkien wrote The Hobbit (which I really really love) and the LOTR trilogy. I would hazard a guess that more than 75% the fantasy books written since then have been influenced by Tolkien in some way. Just think about how many fantasy stories you've read in which a helpless nobody has been chosen for a huge task, and he/she must travel with a ragged group of warriors and wizards to the far reaches of the world to stop some great evil. Plus there's the fact the Tolkien INVENTED Elves and Dwarves as fantasy now knows them. He also made magic and its mysterious masters eternal members of the genre. Of course the similarities often go much much deeper than this, but just think about it. Food for thought...

What are my feelings on space exploration? I'll tell you honestly, I unfortunately know very little about space, but nonetheless I am absolutely fascinated by it. The stars, the moon, other planets....The vastness and beauty of the universe enthralls me. Haha, in fact, some of my friends joke that I must be a werewolf because of my fascination with the moon. When the night sky is clear I'm constantly looking up. I definitely think that space exploration is something that should be pursued, and I think studying other planets (like Venus and Mars in particular), might help us understand our own world better. That being the case, I don't think that space exploration should be our focus either. Frankly, there are much more pressing matters to take care of on this planet first.

I'll leave it at that for now, and give my brain a rest. But oh, btw to answer your other question I think French is the best language. J'aime bien le francais.

Alright, talk to ya later everybody!

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hey Everybody!

I'm actually writing from an on-campus computer lab today, and class starts in fifteen minutes so I can't talk long.

I wanted to say though that things with the macs and photoshop are looking up! We're learning about photo-retouching and I actually really enjoyed it. During class yesterday I pieced back together an old photo that had been torn in six pieces and made it look like the original. I actually thought it was really fun.

Mallen, thanks for your immense comment on the last post. I'm afraid I don't have nearly enough time to address all your questions, but I will say this: just for you my friend, I will add a playlist with a little Dragonforce, Nightwish, and...hmmm...Linkin Park. Also, you asked about my feelings about Haiti. I really feel like everyone should try to do something, even if it isn't much to help Haiti out. This disaster has really set them back in many ways, and they need every little bit of help they can get. Care packages, clothing donations, donations to charity organizations...there is something everyone can do.

A cool thing that Aeropostale (the clothing company) has been doing (I'm pretty sure they're still doing it) is accepting donations of jeans that they can send to haiti, and when you donate, you get a discount on a new pair of jeans.

There are lots of things like this though, so I would encourage everyone to just think about what you can do. Even if its small, it means a lot.

Alright, well thats all for now, class starts in five minutes, so I gotta run!

Cya guys!

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photoshop Frustrations

Okay, so in the art/photography department at my school they have mac computer labs with photoshop cs3. And for my photography assignements, we have to be able to manipulate our photos with photoshop to add variety, blur, etc. And we also have to be able to log onto the class server to save our data. Well.....My computer is always the one that either can't connect to the server, photoshop doesn't work properly, or--this is a new one--all the keys and the mouse are covered in a greasy brown nastiness.....I've come to the conclusion that all the computers in the mac lab have somehow become aware that I am a fan of PCs....and they all hate me for it.

Anyway, talk to you soon,

Matt (the guy in the hat)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photography 'n Stuff

I'm taking a digital photography class this semester, and though I'm already enjoying it, there is something tugging at the edge of my mind: I don't feel like I'm as creative as I used to be. I feel like I've lost my muse, and I need to find it again.

I was planning on visiting a local raptor center this weekend to photograph the birds there, but due to some dismal weather I had to cancel my plans. I'm getting really nervous because my first photo project is due this week, and I don't feel like I have anything particularly interesting. Still, I was able to get a few decent shots around town, and I'll try to get as many more as I can once the weather clears up.

For the most part I do nature shots. Nature is something I'm very passionate about, so I really enjoy being out in it even for hours at a time. I'm interested in photographing some people though, but I don't have many ideas in that regard. Short of putting up fliers that say "Heyya! Want a new Profile Pic??" We'll see. I have a few project ideas. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Oh and a quick update about the playlists. Unfortunately as you move around in the blog, it'll cut off the music you're currently listening to. This frustrates the heck out of me, because I'll be really into a song and then *click click* and then "what the heck? Aw...dangit..."

So the way to avoid this is to use the Pop-out player option below the playlist. I'm trying to get in the habit of using it so that I can avoid all the frustration.

Also, which playlist do ya'll like the most right now? And which one would you want to automatically start playing when you open the blog? (Or do you want it to be automatic?)

Just so you know, I'm planning on adding more music by Mae, Coldplay, and Imogen Heap. I'll might also throw in some good ol' rock n' roll, some more dance music, and probably some classical. And is anyone else in the mood for Spanish Guitar? Eh...we'll see.

Like I said, if there's some music you'd like to listen to while you're surfing the net, working, or otherwise, just let me know!

Gaahh!!! I haven't been on in forever! My last post was for Thanksgiving?!? Serious??! Sorry guys! Happy belated Christmas, and New Years!!!

Luckily I have a bit more time on my hands this semester, so I hope I can be a more dedicated blogger! But just so you know, I can't post interesting answers unless you ask interesting questions!

A friend asked me recently how I wanted people to ask questions. Please just comment on my most recent post. That way, I don't have to constantly re-check the old ones, and other readers can see your questions too!

On a different note, over the next few weeks I plan to re-vamp the music playlists here on my blog. I want there to be a good variety of fun music for the blog's visitors to enjoy whether they're reading posts, doing homework, cooking, playing video games....anything. So if you'd like to make a request of a song or two, just ask me in a comment. (Please make sure that all music you suggest is appropriate for all audiences. I want everyone to be able to enjoy it!)

Thanks everybody!

Oh, P.S. Over Christmas break I saw Sherlock Holmes in theaters. It was amazing! Since then I've been watching every Sherlock Holmes movie I can get my hands on. I would definitely suggest it to everybody. (Maybe a bit to intense for young kids though).

Anyway, take it easy!