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I've been reading up on the BP oil spill in the gulf. According to FOXNews, BP is hoping that by late June they'll be capturing about 90% of the oil flow and keeping it from entering the ocean. The relief wells are expected to be finished in August. Fingers crossed. I hope the situation is resolved quickly.

Politics have been another matter of concern lately. Pres. Obama continues to irk me to say the least. He's frequently insulting our allies, Britain in particular. The BP oil spill has truly been a tragic event, but Obama seems to be using it as an excuse to attack a major British company. Though Pres. Obama, of course, denies this. On top of that, there is the recent issue of Representative Joe Wilson shouting "You lie" at Pres. Obama during a speech concerning the healthcare bill. According to the New York Times, the republican and democratic parties seem to agree that the outburst was inappropriate. I feel the same way. But what bothers me is that even though Joe Wilson formally apologized, he is now the target of many efforts trying to undermine his personal character and the republican party as a whole. In my personal opinion, this is drawing dangerously close to "silencing those who speak out against the government". Sigh, perhaps I should stop my rant here, just in case "Big Brother" is listening. But I'd just like to say that this disgusting tripe that we call Politics is NOT good government. Politics is all about personal gain, and I feel that this is a major underlying motivator in the Obama administration. They are not interested in the American public our or allies. They are interested in getting more power; in making our nation ever more socialistic. It worries me greatly. Government should be FOR the people.

Anyway, gonna post some less serious stuff in a few minutes. Right now, I'm gonna go whip up some dinner. Mac & chees, pork tenderloin, mixed vegetables. Mmm.

--Matt (the guy in the hat)

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  1. Remember government BY the people and OF the people. Part of the problem is that A) People do not govern themselves, i.e., practice self control--including Congress, both in outbursts like Joe Wilson's (nevermind some people agree with him--it WAS inappropriate. But he and his party should not be blacklisted because of it) and in seeking personal gain and in spending far more than is reasonable or even conscionable. If we ran our homes on such a budget, we'd be on the street in no time. anybody knows that. Why doesn't Congress?
    America must learn to govern itself again from the INSIDE OUT. Self-control. moderation. Pay your debts and don't buy what you can't afford. Patience, respect, civility, honesty. Don't take what's not yours. And for crying out loud, Mr. Representative--get your hands out of the pork barrel, please.

    B)government OF the people. People do not want to face the consequences of their actions, including poor financial choices, crimes, etc. They want the government to DO AWAY WITH CONSEQUENCES and PROTECT THEM FROM THEIR BAD DECISIONS. Not to punish wrongdoers who threaten society. Not exact justice, except in the case of mis-conceived justice... when it affects the individual. They want justice on other people and not themselves. You carry my consequences. Because I am special, I am entitled, I deserve better (than you)--I shouldn't have to do blankety-blank.

    This does not work. It simply cannot. Substitution does not work by eliminating consequences or deferring them for another generation. that is what is happening. It's not-in-my-backyard mentality applied on a humongous, even worldwide scale. It's been a shift in consciousness as folk don't want to deal bravely, courageously and responsibly with their own generations mistakes; instead for many years they and we have been finding more and more ingenious ways to defer consequences for another ill-fated generation to deal with as best they can. And evenetually, it will come crashing down. Do not be deceived; the illusion cannot last--the reality, the consequences WILL come crashing down.

    Now take the oil spill. Terrible consequences, it is true. But should every hotel owner and convenience store owner get compensated because--Ohmigosh, TOURISM is DOWN--and hey--there's this oil spill.... and we can scapegoat British Petroleum... sounds great, let's do it--and while we're at it, get all the environmentalists on board to say SEEEEEE, we shouldn't drill oil on our own land Or shores. It'll kill little seagulls duckies and fish--oil will ruin the PLANET (not to be rude but it's PART of the planet)--Oil is EVIL, oil and fossil fuels are destroying the ozone and causing WAR (not the case, any more than poppies caused the Opium wars between Britain and China. It's a resource, neither good nor evil. Wars are fought over resources because of man's greed and lust in lack of self-control; wars are fought over hate and envy. not poppies and oil.) so they say, we have to make the culprit PAY--and pay ALL of us, fast, and it must be a big chunk--and if they go out of business--hooplah! We WON! Nananananna

    It's pretty two-faced; One has to ask realistically--are they really upset so much by the spill and its bad consequences, or are they ACTUALLY and secretly, maybe subconsciously for those with better hearts--but still--are they ACTUALLY EXCITED because it's the best thing that ever happened for their pet cause since... well, the Exxon Valdez?


    Hold tight.