Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Samurai Investigator, Hiking and Old Friends

Heyya Everybody!
Today is Tuesday. The 28th of June. I just thought you might be wondering. It's now week five. Which is insane. The transfer is almost over. It's been getting pretty warm here: 90-95 mostly. It's not bad outside since it's dry (nothing like what I'm sure it is back home), but the lack of AC in the apartment is a little irritating. Peeved. That's a good way to describe the resultant feeling. It's pretty warm at night even with the windows open and fans blowing. We're hoping to get another fan from DI today though, and we might try to rig a fan system out of the kitchen, through the hallway, and into the bedroom. We recently got a small window AC but the only window big enough for it is in the kitchen. So the kitchen is extremely comfortable.
We found three new investigators this week. One of this is a Karen refugee that's actaully been in the states for a while. He looks to me like a Samurai. No joke. He's actually really open. He lives with some of the Burmese members, so he knows a little about the church already. The first lesson with him was really good. He speaks good English, so we didn't need a translator, and he commented and told a few stories and actually said that he knew what we were saying was true. It was pretty cool. As with the other Burmese, the trouble is getting them to church, because the only jobs they can get are those that force you to work on Sundays, and if one of them doesn't have a job, they're always out trying to find a job. That's the case with him. He says he wants to come to church, but we didn't see him on Sunday. We're going to make sure he has a ride and everything.
What did everyone think of the pictures of Shoshone Falls?
(Haven't gotten any yet)
It's pretty intense. I took a couple short videos just so you could see the water flowing and hear how ridiculously loud it was, but they're to big to send in an email. So I might make a cd or something to send. You would love it, Mom. I've never seen a waterfall like it. I also went a few days ago to Twin Falls. It's much smaller, and due to some hydroelectric projects Twin Falls is technically just single falls now. But it was still cool. I was on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and we were in the area so they just pulled up to the parking lot. The observation thingy is like ten yards from the lot. I got some good pics, but the light wasn't quite right. I'd love to take pictures of the falls at Sunset, but the sun sets at 9:30 here, so it's past curfew. And past the end of p-day anyway. Sigh.....Oh well.
I heard from N. J. (formerly Elder J.). He said that he bought an engagement ring yesterday. Him and C.S. both. Pretty crazy. Poor guys. He seems to be in really good spirits. He's a good guy. Both of them are. I think they're probably the ones that made me realize that missions were fun and cool. When we're about the Lord's work we need to be mature and focused, but it doesn't mean we have to be 'pious' all the time. It doesn't mean we can't laugh and be ourselves.
Well, I hope this week's been good for all of you. Don't take any wooden nickels. Also, if by chance you meet a frown, tell it to do a backflip.
Elder Matt Waller

Friday, June 24, 2011

Update on Elder Waller

Elder Waller (aka Matt, The Guy in the Cool Hat who is now The Guy with the Most Awesomely Expedient Nametag...) has asked that I revive, update, enliven and otherwise resuscitate his blog with news.  So...

Here's the latest from the Guy with the Never-ending Tie Collection.  To preserve his contacts' privacy I will shorten or change names...  Currently he is serving in Twin Falls, ID in a three-some instead of the usual companionship.  They teach a lot of refugees from Burma and other Southeast Asian countries there, and need to have a translator.


Hey Everyone,
First of all, the search on Mormon.org won't pull it up directly, but my profile has been published!  This is the URL:
I had lunch with C.S. yesterday. Do you remember Elder S.? He served in Lancaster with Elder J. and they both helped me with my Eagle project. Elder S. actually got "Dear John-ed" the day before helping with the project. Poor guy. But he lives in -----, and I got a hold of him and he came down to catch up and introduce me to his soon-to-be-official fiance!!! WHAT?? They were coming down to Twin to go ring-shopping. Poor kid. He's in big trouble. Haha. He's been home for about a year and three months now. It was a little weird to see him with civilian clothes, a baseball cap, and a beard. And a girl. That was quite weird. Elder S. is getting married. Kind of a trunky thought, haha. It didn't help that a few days ago we swung by the stake center to grab something only to find that there was a wedding reception going on and bridesmaids were everywhere. Odd. Bizarre. Haha.
This past week has gone pretty well, especially on the Burmese side. We're finally getting lessons coordinated, though it's still hard to set up solid appointments with the language barrier. We can't expect our translators to be free all the time either, so there's a lot of schedules to match up. Still we had three really solid lessons with several groups of Burmese. Two of the newer Karen refugees have already said that they really want to get baptized, and two of the Chin refugees are getting extremely close as well. It's pretty exciting.
We're really trying to boost our finding efforts in all the wards. We're setting up meetings with all the bishops to talk about the individual wards, and I've been trying to get all of their email addresses so I can send them the progress records every week. So far the efforts on that front are moving forward gradually. But they've expressed a lot of appreciation for being more included, so I think that things are going to get a big boost once we can work out schedules.
We're going to go see Shoshone Falls today. They're called the Niagra Falls of the West. And from what we've been told they're bigger right now than they've been in many many years with all the rain we've had. Don't worry, Mom. I'll get pictures. I'll try to send them next week. :)
(When I receive said pictures I will endeavor to post them) --KR
What's going on in the world? What the status on the situation in Japan? Iraq? Have they announced any cool new movies? Cool songs? Have any of you happened across any Jazz piano sheet music? If so, I'd love a copy. I'd really like to learn to play Jazz.
I love you guys. I hope you're all doing well. I hope you always know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Elder Matt Waller